is a cloud-based torrent client that allows users to download and stream torrents directly from the cloud. It provides a platform where users can add torrent links or upload torrent files, and will fetch and store the files in their cloud servers. Users can then stream or download the content directly from the cloud without the need for a dedicated torrent client on their local devices.


01.Cloud-Based Torrenting: operates in the cloud, allowing users to download and stream torrents without the need for a local torrent client. This can be convenient for users who want to access their content from various devices.

02. Easy to Use: aims to provide a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to add and manage torrent links or files. The platform often features a clean and intuitive design.

03. Fast Download Speeds: utilizes high-speed servers to fetch and store torrent files. This can result in faster download speeds compared to traditional peer-to-peer torrenting.

04. Online Streaming:
Users can stream media files directly from without downloading them first. This can be useful for users who want to preview content or watch videos without taking up storage space on their devices.

05. Privacy and Anonymity:
By using a cloud-based service like, users may benefit from increased privacy as the actual torrenting process happens on Seedr’s servers, potentially masking the user’s IP address.

06. Free and Premium Plans: typically offers both free and premium subscription plans. Free plans often come with limitations on storage space and download speeds, while premium plans provide additional features and more generous limits.

Here’s a general overview of how works:

01. Adding Torrents:
Users can add torrents to by providing a torrent link or uploading a torrent file directly to the platform.

02. Fetching and Storing in the Cloud: fetches the torrent content and stores it on its cloud servers. This means that the actual torrenting process occurs on Seedr’s servers rather than on the user’s device.

03. Downloading and Streaming:
Once the torrent content is stored in the cloud, users can download the files to their local devices or stream media directly from without the need for a dedicated torrent client on their computer.

04. Cloud Storage: typically provides users with a certain amount of storage space, and the downloaded content is stored securely in the cloud. Users can access their content from different devices, making it a convenient option for those who want to manage their torrents across multiple platforms.


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